01. 06. 2006

Health: HD C/C, ED 0/0, OCD negative
GR-PRA1 & PRA-prcd N/N
GR-PRA2 N/P, PRA/CAT clear (10/2014)
Dog shows: 2nd Very promising, 2x 3rd Exc, 4x Exc
Working tests: Basic hunting test for retrievers I. price
KPZ I.price res.CACT; SZVP I.price res.CACT
Canistherapy test

5-generational pedigree: here
Photogallery: zde

Blue Bell Beauty from Czech "Sami" – was born 1.6.2006 in the breeding station Beauty from Czech. Her mum is Bykara z Vlčí stepi and her daddy is french lover and champion
"Robbie" - Ashbury Touch the Sky. Our Sami is very loving and mettled honey who you just must love. Especially she is amazing in contact with children. They can do her everything and she will do nothing. She is just princess all-inclusive :o) She had three litters of high quality, balanced and healthy results.

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