Working title from highest test of retriever - "U"


17. 02. 2009

Health:HD C/B, ED 0/0, OCD negative,
GR-PRA1 & PRA-prcd: N/N,
Eyes - PRA/CAT clear (10/2014)
Dog shows: 3x CWC, 2x CAC, 2x r. CAC
Working tests: OVVR, MVZPR II.price
SZVP I. price, KPZ r.CACT

5-generational pedigree: here
Photogallery: here

Eres Mia del Atrapasuenos "Mia" was born 17. February 2009 in breeding station Atrapasuenos
in Spain. Her mother "Brisa" A'Brisa du Domaine des Rives de l'Erdre is a champion Spain lady and she is imported from France. Mia's father is an Italian lover and multi-champion
"Whisper" Multi.Ch. Careless Whispers Mia is our little temperament darling, which you will loved her. We are so appreciatory, that we got the confidence from Leandro & Judith from a breeding station Atrapasuenos. She is our little sunshine. At the end of year 2015 we're going to plan her final litter.

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