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To wish you the special gifts of this holiday season - peace, joy and lasting happiness.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to everyone.

During end of the year our goldens enjoy the games of snow and we are enjoying with them :o)

New update information about our next litter find here.

We were on Duo CACIB in Wels, Austria - December 4.- 5. with my friends. Our Mia was in Saturday Very Good (judge B. Müller, CH) and on Sunday was Excellent (judge F. Kane, GB). Congratulations to all our friends to their results. This weekend in Austria we have enjoyed with friends and our retrievers.

Our little Elliot becomes a passionate retriever. We are very proud of him.


Early December it's snowing in Prague and and we took new pictures of our goldens as they play in snow. You can find new photos here in individual sections.

At home remains in co-ownership our small Elliot "Always Be My Love Touch of Heaven" .

All our puppies are in their new families yet. We wish them a wonderful life and we will never forget !

New information about next planned litter from our kennel find here.

New photos of puppies here.

Our Mia was Excellent (judge P. Butterworth, UK) in Retriver CZ Club Show Oslavany.

Our puppies are older now, for more informations click here and some pictures you can find here.

We have puppies. Sami give birth to 8 boys and 2 gils. We are proud of her. More informations here.

In mid-August we spent several hours working with Mia . She really loves working and she is amazing. She has true fiery Spanish temperament and 'untamed qualities. We are very proud of her.
This day Sami stayed home, because she is having puppies soon. We are looking forward to them.


Sweet little memories to year 2007: my 6 years old nephew Lucas won with Astral Junior Hanlind
on Retriever Club Show in Hluboka nad Vlatavou. We were very proud of both of them. :o)

2.8.10 - Our pregnant Sami has a round belly, she sleeps a lot and seems to be quite healthy.
Eventually almost all news will be posted on our site.

We are very happy, because our Sami is pregnant and puppies should be born in mid-August 2010.
Of course we say hello to Moravia and congratulations to proud father of puppies. More information here.

In days 19.-26.6. I spent with Mia in training camp in Albeř (South Bohemia). Here our young
successfully passed the Basic hunting test for retrievers. We are proud of her. Of course many thanks
for Eva Píchová from "Retriever Training". We will definitely come back next year.

In mid-June I went with our Sami to Moravia, because she had best time in her season. Sami's groom
was Cavalier de Wind Goldy Forever. He is very beautiful and very promising young dog and together with our Sami are a beautiful couple. Both are very similar to type and we hope this unique combination will reap success in two months. More information here.

Our Sami has began her season, mating planned should be available in June 2010 and if everything is according to plan, puppies should be born in August 2010. For more information on litter ALWAYS BE please click here.


Today, 1st of June our Sami "Blue Bell Beauty from Czech" is celebrating her 4th birthday.
Many happy returns from all of us...

We were on Retriever Club Show in České Budějovice - May 8.- 9. Our Mia was in Saturday Excellent (judge J. Glynn) and on Sunday was Very Good (judge K. Crosbie). Congratulations to all our friends to their results. This weekend in southern Bohemia we have enjoyed with our friends.

May 1, we were on International Exhibition in Prague. To assessment of Mr. Pasák I just say - no comment. Our Mia was Very Good in junior class. The only reason for this was just she is slow in maturing. Czech judges are experts on young dogs - really !!! What can I say? Nothing !!! But even so, I am happy because our friend Jeanette won young class (1st Excellent, CAJC) with her bitch - Great!

Weekend, April 23.- 24, I spent with my goldens at our friend and breeder Jeanette (kennel Ligoretto) in Lipno Dam. At the exhibition in České Budejovice she exhibited their dogs on Saturday and Sunday.
On Saturday was Meggie "Idylka od Emy Destinové" in open class Excellent and on Sunday
won Amálka "Indy Bona Z Hrdlořez" (young hope of Cane Corso ) in the junior class beautiful
award 2nd Excellent. Our Sami was again naturally of as a great lover of children and with Vitek (young hope of czech handling) looked like a beautiful couple. I enjoyed this weekend and I want to
thank Jeanette and her family for wonderful days. Thanks very much everyone!



Today, April 10, our Sami
passed test of canistherapy dog. We're very proud of her accomplishments.

The last weekend in March we're with friends in the city of Kladno and we made several trips.
On Saturday we made a small trip to the Memorial Lidice. The weather was not exactly friendly, but it
was a very pleasant walk anyhow. Although the history and fate of this place is not exactly cheerful...

We almost did not believe it, but finally the spring is here. There is beautiful outside and our Sami
and Mia are enjoying the great weather as we are :o)


Good news came to us from our Sami’s home kennel. In the kennel Beauty from Czech were 11.3.2010 born flat-coated retriever puppies and it’s 6 beautiful boys and 6 sweet girls. We wish all the best for
the new life to puppies and a lot of patience with young imp to mother Abe. If you are interested in this, and if you would like to know more, feel free to visit the web site.


Sami shove on and didn’t deny her big enthusiasm and abilities for work. But not to do wrong to our second lady, I must say that Mia led more than great for her young age! Here you can see some pictures we took during training. Big thanks to my family who helped me a lot during training.


Added new pictures of our sweethearts. More in the Gallery.

After long consideration of pros and cons, I finally decided to participate in a CACIB East Cup show, held in Prešov 20.2.2010. The journey from Prague was long and painful. As usual the weather was unfriendly, but even so we arrived at the place according to plan. This exhibition was sent up by considerably less goldens than other shows I used to, so before us were in our circle considered other breeds as well. From a foreign arbitration (L. Catalan) I also particularly promised quality assessment and professional approach. A major disappointment for me was his very impersonal approach he shown. Anyway, our Mia got in junior class 4th Excellent. Thanks to our friend Milka for her professional exhibit of our young hope ;o)


Today, 17.2.2O1O, it's exactly one year since in the distant mountains of the Spanish was born
our Mia "Eres Mia del Atrapasuenos" . We wish to our princess, together with our Sami , all the best and a lot of success in the field of exhibitions, as well as work. And a lot of happy and contented years
in the future. The same we would like to wish to her brothers and sisters. Not least thanks to Judith and Leandro to Spain, who gave us the most amazing honey, we could wish for.
Muchas Gracias


The first weekend in February we went with our dear for DUO CACIB in Brno. And it turned out that it was not very successful exhibition for us. Our Mia got in both days in a very strong occupied junior class
a Very Good And as I was told by my friends and experienced breeders in one person - our lady is still very young and she just takes her time with her adolescence. "Milko, Lenko: thank you for your support!" :o). But we enjoyed the exhibition, mainly thanks to the support of our friends who came
to support us. And to all our friends to who were celebrating bigger success than us, we say: "Congratulations, you deserve it!"


Last but one weekend on January we spent in mountains area (Ore Mountains) near to Klínovec. Actually winter is like by Josef Lada, nevertheles we could enjoy this days through strong frost. When we were coming back to Prague we made small trip in Karlovy Vary where we walked on colonnade and we found very famous hot well of Karlovy Vary.


January is here and in Prague is so much snow.Our girls are enjoying the winter games. The evidence of this are new pictures in photogalery.


The New year is here and it's all so bringing new show season. As a traditionally started in January National show in Olomouc. We where here first time because of international judge. That was realy big surprise, when the organizationers changed judges by national. If I knew this we would go nowhere and we would lost nothing with this, but back to the show. We can preparing for show compare to combat manoeuvres like the weather wanted to say: "Didn't go". Because it was snowing during our journay, it's long district to Olomouc, from this reason we wanted sleep at over friend in Moravia in kennel
Astral Sky & Goldy Forever. We had small problem on autobahn, but we all so solved this and we went together to Olomouc on Saturday. There was small place, ring small too and what can I say about our judge? No comment... And our results? Mia was Excellent in young class and Sami was Very Good in work class. Our thanks belongs to our friend Milka, who professionally handled our goldens.

The amazing news came to us from Spain. In breeding station Huaorani was born puppies of Maggie (our Mia's half-sister) on January, 8. We wish to little goldens strong healthy, succesfull start to their new life and to their mum Maggie lot of patients with her kids.

Last days of Year 2009 I'm spending time with my goldens in my friends on Moravia. We made any moment pictures of our darlings. I think we all enjoy it, too :o)



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