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It´s winter time, snow outside and so we made a few pictures of our goldens.
For more photos click here .

We used warm weather of the past days and we went on a trip with my friend Lucka to the nearby
Český ráj. Walk was really long, we wandered a few times, but finally we won over the labyrinth
of the Český ráj and fully enjoy the beauty of Hruboskalsko :o)

We decided to spend the first weekend of December in Austria for two-day international show in Wels. Our Mia had its premiere here in the junior class and was also the youngest participant in this class.
And what are the results from Wels? Well, alternately :o). On Saturday we received evaluation Excellent from the Hungarian judge Dr. Tamas Jakkel and a very nice report as well. Thus, on Sunday we returned there full of expectations, but this day we have received from the Czech judge Peter Studeník "only"
a Very good evaluation. Honestly, from the way the assessment was held, I wasn't surprised :o) Anyway, we enjoyed a wonderful family trip with our goldens.

18.11.09 our Mia got over pre-roentgen examinations HD and ED. She has beautiful healthy joints, which are very nicely developed. We are very happy and we wish the pictures will look so good after official examination also.

7.11.09 on Saturday we attended with our friend Lenka International Dog Show in Prague,
and as usual we really enjoyed it. Mia was showing very nice, showed her temperament and
her immediate joy of life and got beautiful 4th Very promising :o)

October weather is a little bit unusual this year, but we still enjoy the autumn as much as we can. We also visited MFTR Konopiště at the nearby Benešov to see how these tests are carried out, because we want 
to undertake a similar test with our Sami next year. We also came there to support our friend, which undertaken these tests there :o)

This weekend in nearby Bratislava was held a World Dog Show together with Club's exhibition of Slovak Retriever Club. Of course, we could not miss it :o). Together with our friends we went to Slovakia. Unfortunately our Mia is not in perfect show condition now. We began to molt, we need to gain weight and we are in "all legs" time now, so during two days we got evaluation of Promising. Our princess simply needs to mature and grow into the "well proportioned". Even so, we all enjoyed the weekend
at the Slovak despite unfavorable weather and other "minor" problems that we have successfully and happily solved :o). Big thanks also to Milka from kennel Goldy Forever & Astral Sky which not only expertly exhibited our Mia on Sunday, but also gave me the friendly support and expert advice just when I really needed it.

We made a small trip to a nearby Dobříš, where we and friends spent the great afternoon
in the surroundings of Dobříš chateau and the adjoining chateau garden :o).

Last weekend we visited Konopiště, where 26.9.09 was held special retriever exhibition RK CZ. Weather was nice and we enjoyed very nice Saturday in the company of friends. Our girls received very nice assessments and critics. Thanks curious layout of rings, we nearly missed the puppy class, since the ring was located on the opposite side of the fairgrounds. The first joined the ring of our new star - Mia .
In a very large group (14 females) received during her premiere from an Hungarian judge
award Very promising. Then we entered with our Sami open class. Sami was showing wery nice and in a very large cast (17 females) received from an English judge award Excellent.

13.9.2009, our Sami took a part PZ hunting test in Tesany under the eagis of Retriever club CZ. She was absolutly amazing, got full complements of points, the I. price and titul res. CACT. With this way I would like to tell thanks to Milka and Rosta for their help during training and pressentation during exams :o)
Word or two a leader - Sami performed great, alive, cheerfull and perfect work under my quidance
on PZ hunting test in Tesany. It is big shame that she hadn't chance to show her quality in shoot-off because we were missing ball-shaped stamp from pedigree book as certificate of her genial power.
We were enjoying our work together and I hope that Samie's boss knows her hunting quality
and she will not to leave her lieing on the sofa.

Recently, we´ve got cheerful news, which came to us from Moravia. In breeding station Astral Sky were born Sky puppies in day 7.9.2009 - 4 girls and 3 boys. All puppies are healthy and have a good run. Aunt Sami is wishing them iron healthy, happy life and new lovely home. And she is also wishing to them Mum Sky a lot of patiens with upbringing with her gold devils :o)

During days 25.-29.8.09 we took part in training concentrations in Nova Ves under the aegis of breeding station Astral Sky with ours darlings and with our friend Ixi. Neverthelless it was very hot during these days we enjoyed every moment of this time. If you are interester in this action, we are bringing you a lot of photos of our entertainment. Because our Sami served mistake-free achievement during all training
I have decided to pass OVVR Nova Ves 30.8.09, as a bonus, she could repair her score
from the year 2007 and I hoped I would not vitiate this a lot for her. The weather was absolutly perfect and our Lady demonstrated mistake-free and precision enforcement, she has got full complement
of points and she has got first place. Too, the others were perfects and i would like to congratulate them to theirs enforcements. There are recaptured moments from Sunday and its process.

The last but one week in Auguust we spent in Machovo lake, the beautiful plaxe. Our big human even dogs group were enjoying these days to the last day of our holiday. The wheather was absolutlly greate so we could enjoy as trip as swimming in hot days or fun-trip with ship Machovo lake afloat.
We are exciting that we will repeat this next year.

In the nearest future our breeding station is planning its first puppies, we are waiting only for the time when our Sami will be in heat...we hope it is coming soon. From this reason we want to intervene actual puppies ofer from breeding station Astral Sky throut our website. Puppies parents from this really perspective cennect are Sky - this lady like has extraordinary qualities, she is also our lady's half-sister and Willow - is vivid and charismatic young dog, who is from Robbie's home terminal, Sami's father.
If you are interested about puppies like this don't hesitate to visit Astral sky website for more information.


As every year the first week in August we spent on beautifull place in Chlumec at Trebon. This place is really "paradise on the Earth" for our girls. During these couple of days we have got power, trained fetch and basic tractability and as everythime and everywhere our princcesses were the local celebrities :o)

Today I triggered new looks of web, enjoy it...

Summer in Czech isn't running at full power, but our girls planning enjoy it...
like today on Konopiště castle :o) To the section gallery were to be added new pictures our goldens :o)

Today, 1st of June our Sami "Blue Bell Beauty from Czech" is celebrating her 3rd birthday.
Many happy returns from all of us...

After quite a long time we went to Moravia to see our friends from breeding station
Goldy Forever & Astral Sky . We went there for tree days since 25th till 27th of May. Our girls,
Sami and Mia , really enjoyed our trip and after "small" problems with our car we went back to Prague... Thanks to Milka and Rosta for their hospitality and we are looking forward to another visit...which (as we secretly hope) going to be soon...


Sunday the 17th of May had present us with beautifull and sunny weather, so we went to Sadska. In the lake Sami played with her dog-friend Nikita , but she practise fetch from water too.

Weekend 6th and 7th of May KCHLS in Hluboka nad Vltavou had organized two days special exhibition of retrievers. On Saturday our Sami got Excellent from English judge Mrs. Janet Buckingham. On Sunday Sami got "only" Very Good from English judge Mrs.Anne Woodcook, but only for dogs get Excellent , so we were quite happy about it. Both days we'd attended competition "The dog and the child" with my nephew Lucas. Lucas enjoyed running with Sami, but also with our dog-friend
Sky "Arctic Sky Brdske Zlato" . I cant forgot to mention success of Sami's father
Robbie "Ashbury Touch The Sky" who recieved Excellent on Satorday. On Sunday he did even better and recieved Exc.1 CAC. I would like to say a BIG thank you to Milka from breeding station
Goldy Forever & Astral Sky , who not only helped us to prepare our little champion but also present her in the ring. Thanks a lot.

We really appreciated confidence and kindness of Spanish breeding station Atrapasuenos, which gave us a chance to bring home our little princesses Mia "Eres Mia del Atrapasuenos". The journey from Spain back to Czech was long, but we made it. The hospitality and willigness of Leander and Judith was really great. We can't thanks them enough. They'd shown us all theirs golden sweethearts so we could admire their big and beautiful family of retrievers. We would like to say thank you one more time and promise we wouldn't disapoint them. Also we shouldn't forget our friend Milka from breeding station Goldy Forever & Astral Sky, who'd helped us to choose our little Mia. Thanks.

We spent nice, sunny long day in our family circle after long time. Sami was busy carrying things all over the place and she did really enjoy children´s part of our family.

7.2.2009 we went to Brno for International exhibition DUO CACIB. We gave our support to golden retrievers from kennel Goldy Forever & Astral Sky and also, to our friend
Dagous "Dagwood Perfekt Mon-Lang" with his lady, ,who won in their category and received
Excellent 1 CAC res.CACIB. Congratulation to everybody!!!

New year, lots of snow... so we made a few pictures of Sami how she was enyoing it...

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