Slyším psí pláč ze Slovenska

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year wish you goldens breeding station Touch of Heaven.

23.11. - Autumn is coming, the hunting time and we set out for Zidlochovice where we spent 5 beautiful days in gold retriver's society from breeding station Goldy Forever & Astral Sky . Our Sami played havoc enough so we left sutisfied for 100% and we hope that we coma back to Zidlochovice really
soon. :o) Our big thanks belongs to Milka and Rosta from Odrovice and of course to all golds from CHS Goldy Forever & Astral Sky :o)

The first november's day we spent on visit at our grandma in near Caslav where it is absolutly ideal for training. Sami retrieved a duck and because it was beautiful sunshine day so she carryed dummies from water pretty well. Nevertheless she also had tim eto play with little Lukas.

On Friday 31.10.08 we got knowledge amazing news. In kennel Goldy Forever & Astral Sky were born next puppie after Robbie . We wish puppies good healthy to future, passionate temperament, succes on exhibitions, hunting generalism, but especially new loving home and to our Sami's father wish many next amazing offsprings.

4.10.08 took place Europe exhibition in Budapest, at what ingather succes our gold friens from Brno again. Michel "Ashbury Absolute Lover" won his class and he got valuation Excellent 1, CAC.
Robbie "Ashbury Touch The Sky" was perfect in champion's class. Next day took place Hungary Club exhibition where Michel won his class with valuation Excellent 1, CAC again and Robbie got valuation Excellent 2, r.CAC in his class. Congratulation and we wish next succes to kennel
Goldy Forever & Astral Sky .

26-28.9.08 - The last summer weekend we spent in beautiful nature at Machovo lake (which is luckily near Prague). Fortunately the weather was great so we exploited the time and we diligently trained fetch from water and reeds.

20-21.9.08 - took place two-day Club exhibition RK CZ in Brno. Future father of our first litter Alway Be - Michel "Ashbury Absolute Lover" won along both days his class with tituls Excellent 1, CAC. Neither our Samie's father Robbie "Ashbury Touch The Sky" got one day his class with tituls Excellent 2, r.CAC and next day won class with tituls Excellent 1, CAC. We are gratulating to both and sending greetings for all to breeding station Goldy Forever & Astral Sky .

7.8.08 - Last week we spant under the tent in Chlum at Trebon even with our huge family. This place is absolutly created for retvrievers - just parade. Sami was darling for all again, especailly for children and our lady accepted it with a big enthusiasm.We also found a new friend among dogs. It is munsterland whipped Algo "Algarero z Hasinbergu" . These two saw eye to eye and were playing all week together :o)

23.7.08 - In gear is preparation for special exams from water work and we are bringing a few photos from afternoon's training.

20-22.6.08 - We spent together with Sami on Moravia, around Brno this weekend. I went visit goldens and their lady from kennel Goldy Forever & Astral Sky . The time which we spent together ran away quickly and we are looking for for our next visit.

17.6.2008 - We made the best of wonderful sunshine day and we went with Sami and with my nevy Lukas and friends to the Prague ZOO. The journey there wes little lengthy, but the weather was kind at us and finally the trip was, in the best sense, back breaking. Keep abreast with Lukas and Samie was almost superhuman assignment... but we were a success :o)

The next amazing news came to us from Brno. Ours pupies future father
Michel "Ashbury Absolute Lover" won twice times over in Slovakia. On the MVP Nitra 7.6.08 won work class and he has gotten apprecation Excellent 1, CAC. The next day he repeted his succes in Nitra and on KVSRK won open class in competition of 8 dogs and he has gotten Excellent 1, CAC again. Neither our Samie's father Robbie "Ashbury Touch The Sky" was not idle and on KVSRK 8.6.08 was Excellent 2, r.CAC in the work class. We gratulation to our boys, Milka and we send much greetings to Brno.

8.6.2008 - The trip to the Sadská worked out for 1000 percents. We were searching the right place for a while where our "tornado" Sami would race around but we found out that after a few minutes. Samie practised fatch, she swam enough and with her friend Adelka they competed about sticks.

1.6. 2008 - Today our Sami "Blue Bell Beauty From Czech" is celebrating her second birthday. We wish her a lot of new friends, a lot of new adventures and however she would be still full of verve and mettled as she is now.

17.5.2008 - During weekend we were visiting a special exhibination of Retriver club at the Konopiste. The weather was not king to us but anyway we were enjoying whole day.
Sami "Blue Bell Beauty From Czech" made appearance in the midst of class where was entered 12 female dogs and finally Samie has gotten mark Very Good. from Mrs. Empire from England. We were satisfied with this valuation in so large competition.

24. 4. 2008 - A few photos from the walk today :o)

13. 4. 2008 - After some time We visited our friends and "family" in Brno again. On Saturday We visited daddy Robbie , his gold family from kennel GOLDY FOREVER & ASTRAL SKY , his lady Milka and also small puppies from this breeding station. The Sunday was in token of walk (trip) on the Brno dam where we went with Ixik and Zuzka and you can believe that we were enjoying this a lot…and not only we… Sami was just star of the day and evening :o)

4. 3. 2008 - Today we practised fetch again with our friend Lenka and Sami really made a push. She always very quickly and very cheerly found out every pheasant which we carefully poked away. And as a bonus she found out two bunnies which were hiding in face of her in the bush. Their only advantage was that they have faster runs than our lady. We are really looking for the next training afternoon.

We are plaining puppies in our breeding station for this year 2008. More about future babies´s parents here . If you are interested and want to order puppy from us, do not be in two minds and connect me .

On Saturday 9.2.2008 we visited (took part in) MVP in Brno with our
Sami "Blue Bell Beauty From Czech" Our "sister" Ixik and Milka with Michel and Robik were with us during whole exhibition. On the place there were one unpleasant surprise waiting for us - there were stipulated only one circle for retrievers. It started really long waiting for us. While this we were walking around the exhibition's area to break down the time. But we finally survived that after all Samie had turn with her showgirl Milka. As every time they looked wonderfull together but through that Samie "came in for" only mark Very Good. Nevertheless Mrs. Empire did not forget to compliment Samie for her amazing, joyful temperament. As every time we enjoy our trip to Brno thanks our nice society in spite of we had to wait really long time.

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